IP Payload Compression Protocol (IPComp)



Compression algorithms

The way to RFC 3173 from RFC 2393 (rfc2393bis I-D)

The rfc2393bis Internet Draft adds clarifications and implementation notes to RFC 2393.

The content changes in the document since RFC 2393 are documented here.

IESG actions

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'IP Payload Compression Protocol (IPComp)' as a Proposed Standard in the announcement dated July 31, 2001.

The rfc2393bis I-D was in IESG Last Call for Proposed Standard, recycling RFC 2393. The Last Call period ended July 22, 2001. The comments provided during the Last Call are answered in versions -07 and -08 of the I-D.

The latest RFC2393bis I-D

The latest rfc2393bis I-D, draft-shacham-ippcp-rfc2393bis-08.txt , is dated July 2001. The changes in version 08 are editorials only, as documented in this email and diff.

Previous versions

Below are archived draft versions along with incremental change reports to the mailing lists.

RFC2393bis Interoperability Report

The RFC2393bis interoperability report, dated April 15, 2001, was submitted to the IESG and now published in the Protocol Implementation Reports IETF site. Here is a local mirror. The report documents multiple implementations of RFC 2393(bis).

Last VPN Interoperability Bakeoff

The last VPN Interoperability Workshop was held near Helsinki, Finland in August 13th - 18th, 2001. The time was the week following the IETF meeting in London.


The IPComp MIBs are integrated into the IPsec MIBs, currently all I-Ds:

Note: The IPsec WG chairs recently (2003-08-12) announced that "the following I-D's be dropped as IPSEC wg work items":

So, some of the above URLs to the IETF I-Ds site may exist no more.

Previous IPComp MIBs

For the record, here are a couple of MIBs as orginated by Tim Jenkins and John Shriver, all are now obsoleted I-Ds:


IP Payload Compression Protocol and the related DEFLATE and LZS algorithm RFCs were the product of the ippcp working group. The latest charter of the wg includes the details of the (still active) ippcp mailing list and archive. The ippcp wg concluded in January 1998.

IPComp compession results

The MS-PowerPoint presentation of IPComp results presented in Memphis, TN to the IPSEC working group during IETF 38. The measurements were based on IP-over-IP, thus a bit less efficient than the current usage of the Proposed Standard IPComp 32-bit header. Note: The file is pretty old and maybe not recognizable by current versions of MS-PowerPoint, sigh.


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