The Tarbut School and the Orphanage of Stolin

The yellow building, standing near the place where the Tarbut School used to stand, has similar architecture. On closer examination, we could not confirm that those buildings relate. Local residents pointed to the large post-office building as standing on the Tarbut School ground.

Old Picture of the Tarbut school Picture of an office standing on the Tarbut school ground? Picture of the postal office -- is it standing on the Tarbut school ground?

On the ground where the Orphanage used to stand, these buildings seen below now stand. A large sports complex is located across the fence, towards the river.

Picture of the place where the orphanage stood Picture of the place where the orphanage stood

Further to the East from the Orphanage, just across the street from the post office, a statue of Lenin now towers. The memorial in that plaza mentions the Red Flag soldiers -- including their units -- who fell in liberating Stolin from the German Fascists, and the residents of Stolin, who died in the front while fighting for the Great Homeland. Not a word on the thousands of murdered Jews, who were the majority of the population of Stolin prior to World War II.

Picture of the memorial to the fallen soldiers Picture of the statue of Lenin Picture of the statue of Lenin

The Orphanage and the Tarbut School were located on David Gorodok street, the road that is named after the nearby city with that name. The old picture shows a crowded street. Nowadays, the street looks different.

An old picture of David Gorodok street

On the way West to the market, we took this picture.

Picture of the streets of Stolin

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