More about Stolin on the Web

The Stolin Yizkor Book, the Memorial to the Jewish Community of Stolin, published 1952, is now available at the New York Public Library. Could be nicer to view each page without scrolling, but the project is wonderful even as it stands now.

The incredible Google search engine is a sure source of information, as this query about Stolin demonstrates. Other search engines provide mostly similar results. For example, Yahoo search, Lycos, and Excite.

In the fascinating website of Detroit, MI,, among the other lost synagogues of Detroit, there is the story of the Stoliner Shul, so named because the people who founded the synagogue came from the town of Stolin.

Within the wealth of information about Jewish Genealogy (JewishGen), there are the pages of the Shtetls of Belarus and the cemeteries of Belarus, where Stolin is located.

A website in Belarus provides updated information about Belarus: Geography, Regions and Cities.

A Stolin region site including information and links about nearby cities David-Horodok and Rubel. (Mostly in Russian).

A Belarus site in the Netherlands including links about Stolin. (In Dutch, afaik.)

A German website describes Stolin. The website shows a memorial on the mass-grave in the vicinity of Stolin, in the forest of Stasino.

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